Dear Believer

Dear Believer,
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our church family. True Life is a fundamental Bible based body of believers that believe God’s word and spirit is still relevant for today’s problems. We pray God’s word and our worship have already impacted your life and home. True Life is built upon the premises that every soul counts regardless of your race, creed, or social status. We are a multi-culture assembly that welcomes all nations and people to become involved in changing our world for Christ. Our vision and mission is to connect every believer so they may reach their potential in life.
We are apostolic in power and anointing and believe that God can intervene in any situation and change all of us for the better. I encourage you to become involved first of all in our Home Bible Study and Christian Development Ministries that will build the level of your understanding of God’s word to greater heights. I would then recommend you find your place in the body of Christ because Jesus spoke of the church as His body. Many people in today’s world do not know their calling or purpose therefore we have a society that is searching for all the answers in the wrong places. I believe you have found the right church that will enable and help you serve God to the best of your abilities. May God Bless you as you join hands with us to empower and navigate our way to God’s will for all of us. If I can be of any service to your family please feel free to let me know. Welcome and God bless you as we journey together.
Your servants in Christ,
Pastor & Sister Michael D. Hook