New to TLC?

New TLC Visitor - Pewaukee, WI

TLC offers a wide variety of ministries to meet individual needs. With plenty of small groups and specialized classes, you will not feel lost in the crowd! Regardless of your age, your interests, or where you are in your life, you are sure to find your place within our ever-expanding and varied ministry offerings. Whether you are thinking of visiting TLC–or are a first-time or returning guest–there is a place for you at True Life Church.

Since the early days of TLC, the purpose has been very clear

  • Preach the Truth
  • Pray fervently
  • Study the Word
  • Reach the Lost.
  • Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Where do you fit?

Wherever you are on your journey in life, whether you are just beginning to inquire about God or you already have a mature, spiritual relationship with Him, there is a place for you and another step you can take. TLC’s services and ministries are designed to help you take that step.

Worship Services

Gathering together for worship is a highlight of life at TLC. With energetic singing, heart-felt worship, and anointed preaching, these services are refreshing, restoring, and reviving.

Sunday School/Christian Education

TLC Sunday School and Christian Education Classes are designed to meet the needs of every age group. Presenting the Gospel in creative, yet straight-forward ways, these classes will help you discover where you are in your walk with Christ and will teach you how to continue on the right path. In addition, the classes offer practical methods for applying scriptural principles to everyday life.

Wednesday Bible Study and Ministry Classes

On Wednesday evenings, while the adults enjoy the Midweek Worship service in the Main Sanctuary, today’s youth will be amazed and excited by the energetic, creative gospel presentations in the services designed solely with young hearts, lives, and issues in mind.

In addition, varying ministry classes for adults are offered and sometimes include specialized discussion groups, finance classes, training classes, and more. For information on the current classes, please visit Our Information Center in the lobby.

As you are becoming familiar with The TLC and its offerings, you probably will have many questions. We want to help you make the transition from newcomer to old friend as quickly as possible. Should you have trouble finding your way around our facilities, our ushers and hostesses will be happy to direct you around campus. For specific information, answers to general questions, flyers about upcoming events, or sign-up forms for events or classes, visit our Information Center, located in the lobby of the Main Sanctuary building. The week’s schedule and current announcements, as well as a calendar of events , are available on this website.

Orientation Class

If you have decided to make TLC your home church, we encourage you to complete our Orientation course, which is designed to familiarize you with our church and our beliefs. A Tuesday night “Pastor’s Bible Study” class is also available for those looking for understanding and direction in the Word of God.

Ministry Training

Once you have finished Orientation, completing Ministry Training will help you discover your own personal gifts and abilities. In addition to learning about TLC’s various ministries, you will be assisted in finding a good fit between your interests/abilities and your potential involvement in ministries.

TLC’s Ministries

TLC provides an ever-expanding variety of ministries to serve your needs and to provide opportunities for you to fellowship with those who are situations similar to yours. Targeting specific ages and interests, our ministries are sure to provide a place for you to connect with others in a small-group setting, helping you adjust to your new church family and grow. For more information about the TLC’s Ministries, please visit the links available from the drop-down menu at the top of this website.

10 Connect Points

Are you connected? At True Life Church, we encourage everyone to strive to get connected through our 10 Connect Points. Start small by choosing one or two points to work on at a time. Once those have become habit, choose another one! Through these ten areas, we hope to help you strengthen your connection to God and to the church. If we individually pursue all 10 Connect Points, we will be prepared to carry out our mission corporately! For more information, please click here.